Tracking Domain

Tracking domain is a paid service. Its price is 96,9 EUR VAT excluded in case of annual payment or 11,6 EUR VAT excluded per month.

What is Tracking Domain?

In order to give you that much-needed statistics of your campaigns, we replace all the links with automatically generated codes. When clicking the link, the user is imperceptibly redirected, and the clicks or further actions are recorded in this way. For instance, if the email includes the link , the user is redirected through the address of the type: Tracking domain enables redirecting through the address of the kind … , which is more credible for the recipient and it may, therefore, improve overall campaign credibility.

What is it good for?

Your tracking domain improves your email campaigns credibility by adding your company name to the links generated by the system. The recipient has, therefore, more certainty that it is not so widespread phishing and is not scared to click the link. Your tracking domain may, thus, influence the CTR (click-through rate) increase.

Example of url path with tracking domain set

Example of url path with tracking domain set

How to set your tracking domain?

  • The client’s settings

    In DNS records of the domain which you use for emails distribution (e.g. add DNS record:    CNAME      

  • Confirmation of setup

    After everything is set from your side, inform us about it (by phone or email).

  • Setup completion from

    After verification, we set your tracking domain on our servers. Your tracking is already more elegant and more credible for your clients.

Notification: Tracking domain does not influence SPF records settings. Correctly set SPF record is an important criterion of your emails deliverability, and we recommend you to check it thoroughly. More about SPF records settings here.

DNS Records check

To check whether your DNS records are set correctly, click here.